Chabaa Bangkok Co.,Ltd. was established in the year 2000 by a group of Executives and a team of staff who have extensive experience and skills in Food & Beverages for over 20 years.

Fruit juice and beverages under the CHABAA brand obtained GMP standard from the Ministry of Public Heath in 2004 and have also obtained the warranty mark HALAL from the Central Islamic Committe in Thailand.

Company Profile

Chabaa drinks are manufactured using a range of modern machinery which has been imported from Europe and the U.S.A. The production process is met to a very high standard both on Aseptic (Pasteurization) and Sterilization. All of the drinks are warranted by HALAL as being preservative free.

Every package of Chabaa Fruit Juice maintains it freshness throughout all of the physical chemical processes, from the preparation of the raw fruit, to the filling and sealing of the product. Micro-biological inspection is maintained to an international standard.

Business Activities

  • Manufacturer, Distributor & Exporter of CHABAA BRANDED Fruit juice and Beverages in Can & UHT.
  • Contract Manufacturing Greeen Tea ready to drink in Aluminum Can for UNILEVER under brand LIPTON.
  • Contract Manufacturing Jam, Bakery & Donut Filing in Glass Jar & Bulk for UNILEVER under brand BEST FOODS.
  • Contract Manufacturing Noni Juice, Pomegranate Juice and Prune Juice from in Glass Bottle for GIFFARINE SKYLINE UNITY under brand GIFFARINE.
  • Contract Manufacturing Sweet Corn Milk Drink in UHT for RIVERKWAI INTERNATIONAL under brand TASTEE.
  • Contract Manufacturing Garcinia Drink, Lingzhi Drink and Mulberry Tea in Pet Bottle & UHT for CARROT HEALTHCARE under brand CACH.
  • Contract Manufacturing Real Fruit Smoothie in PP Bottle for REAL SIMPLE under brand REAL SIMPLE.
  • Contract Manufacturing Apple Juice in UHT & Aluminum Can for BABI CORP. (USA) under brand TREE TOP.
  • Contract Manufacturing AGARJUZ in UHT for P.T. DUNIA BINTANG WALET INDONESIA under brand SWALLOW GLOBE.
  • Contract Manufacturing Apple Juice, Vegetable with Mixed Fruit Juice, Tangerine Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grape Juice and Carrot Mixed Fruit Juice in UHT for Makro under brand aro
  • Contract Manufacturing Mango Juice, Lychee Juice, Passion Fruit Juice and Guava Juice in UHT for Nihon Sor under brand Gentire.
  • Contract Manufacturing Tangerine Juice, Red Orange Juice, Vegetable with Mixed Fruit Juice, Red Apple Juice in UHT for Tesco-Lotus under brand Tesco.