Welcome to the Vertex Group.

Many see FMCG distribution as merely a business of transporting goods from manufacturers to end users. In truth, it is much bigger and more complicated than that.

At Vertex Group, we go beyond distribution and selling. We understand that to be effective, relevant and ahead of the game, we ought to invest in research to understand market needs, source out the best food manufacturers, roll out good marketing to inform and educate, and deliver goods as fresh as they come from the manufacturers. Through dedication, innovation and team work, we have been delivering on these commitments and continue to establish Vertex Group as one of the fastest growing FMCG distribution companies in the Pakistan.

While we are becoming more and more known for distributing some of the best products

in the market, it our personal approach to business that endears us to our clients. We believe in constant communication and honoring commitment ahead of our comfort and profit.

Whether you’re a supplier or a retailer, we enjoin you to discover the value-added services Vertex Group can offer you.

Rehman Khan,
CEO & Founder